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today.... : [Dec. 15th, 2007|11:18 am]
is my brother's bday. i made him cupcakes.

this is my current DQMJ team, i havent played all week....

last week me, hollie, chris, alan and anthony did some xmas shopping. afterwards, alan and anthony wanted a 1-lb burger, ugh..

this is before..... they're so excieted

this is anthony after..... he feels sick

this is alan after..... no problems for him
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black friday : [Nov. 23rd, 2007|02:57 pm]

did a little bit of shopping today..

went to best buy and got ROME season 2 for 41.99$ (originally 83.99$) and the 300 2-disc special edition for 6.99$ (originally 24.99$). all the HBO series dvds are 50% off and there was surprisingly still a ton of stuff when i got there around 10am.

i also stopped by CB2 and grabbed a really cute "atom" serving plate w/ a couple of atom bowls and a mini serving spoon.

i tried looking for a new pair of boots, but i wasn't into anything i really saw. oh well.. i'll try again tomorrow.
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smile slime : [Oct. 30th, 2007|08:43 pm]
i baked dragon quest slime cupcakes tonight. isn't he adorable?

(click to enlarge)

i also made heart cupcakes

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why i don't answer my phone : [Oct. 8th, 2007|01:42 pm]
so ever since i got my new phone # a few months ago i keep getting collection calls for a man named "essie." its honestly ridiculous, i can't count the number of times i've checked my voice mail only to find the message is for a guy named essie who apparently doesn't know how to pay his bills. i guess you don't care that the GIRL in the VOICEMAIL MESSAGE is named KRISTINA (and not essie) when someone owes you thousands of dollars. i think i've had to call back (sometimes angrily) at least 6 places to let them know they have the wrong number. i've had hospitals call, payday advance loan shops, more random sketchy loan places, and now today.. his landlord. so in conclusion, i have the worst luck ever, and i would also like to say fuck you essie.
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life lessons : [Sep. 25th, 2007|04:26 pm]
i was driving around the north ave/halsted shopping area earlier today when some lady flagged down my car for me to stop. at car lengths away i thought it was some old lady who needed directions, however when she stepped closer toward my drivers side window i saw she was probably no older than 35.. she was just really cracked out. i lowered my window to see what she wanted (i still assumed she was lost and needed directions) and she started going on about how shes 4 months pregnant and needs a ride to the hospital because shes bleeding. now maybe i'm heartless, but all i kept thinking about was how i dont want to be knifed and robbed by some nutbag and how i don't want a cracked out, bleeding, crazy lady sitting in my car. for all i know she could have AIDS or one of those zombie-esque plagues. i made up some excuse about how i had somewhere very important to be and told her to go to the firestone behind her to ask if she can use their phone to call the hospital. she still kept trying to get me to give her a ride claiming that "firestorm" (yes she kept calling it firestorm) won't help her. um i'm pretty sure if you're worried about your baby dying you would go into every store on the block trying to get help.. not flagging down random cars to drive you to the hospital. i continued to try and convince her to go into firestone, however she ignored me and kept going on and on about how shes pregnant and bleeding. finally, she attempted to untie the drawstring on her pants to SHOW ME that she was bleeding, in which case i yelled "NO STOP" and told her i had to go. i pulled away and saw her trying to talk to all the people walking on the street. in conclusion, if you want help don't try and show people your bloody vagina.
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